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Network75 at the University of South Wales are committed to providing the best possible support for our students. We also recognise the vital role you play in advising and supporting your son or daughter with their decisions. 

What Network75 offers...

  • At the end of the 5 year scheme Network75 students are highly employable, industry ready graduates.

  • Network75 has maintained a 100% employability rate since 2000. All our graduates have been offered employment.

  • Students are given the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice alongside their degree, gaining practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

  • Our Meet Our Students page has case studies from current and past students. These include stories about their experiences whilst on the scheme including their work on high profile projects and events such as the South Wales Metro and UEFA Champions League Final.

  • Students have their tuition fees paid in full by their host company so they can choose to graduate with no student debt.

  • Receive a tax free bursary of a minimum of £5,000 which increases by a minimum of £500 per academic year.

  • Extra support is available  in the form of a grant for part time students through Student Finance Wales.

  • Network75 students are fully supported throughout their 5-year degree. 

  • Pre company checks and an annual review meeting ensures that the student is receiving the relevant training and experience needed to succeed at their host company.

  • Network75 operates an open door policy. Students are more than welcome to contact us, the Network75 team is always on hand to offer students support and guidance.

  • As well as direct support from Network75, students also have available a full range of USW student services.

Network75 have a stand and a designated presentation slot at University of South Wales open days on Treforest campus, please refer to USW Open Days to book yourself on. 

Network75 student Rhiannon Sheppard discusses her thoughts on the scheme. Rhiannon talks about her work placement at GE Aviation and how it leads to improved academic performance.