Computing Graduates

Congratulations to the BSc Computing Class of 2020! 

This year the Network75 team are very proud to celebrate the success of their first ever cohort of BSc (Hons) Computing graduates! All six students started their Network75 journey in September 2015 and will be graduating with an honours degree, 5 years of industry experience and no student debt.  

Computing Class of 2020 

  • Gabrielle Cross, BSs (Hons) Computing  
  • Jake Powell, BSs (Hons) Computing  
  • James Caine, BSs (Hons) Computing 
  • Joshua Rowlands, BSc (Hons) Computing 
  • Rhys Lane, BSs (Hons) Computing 
  • Tomas Moore, BSs (Hons) Computing

During the past 5 years we have been very fortunate to work in partnership with the following local organisations who have acted as Host Companies for the class of 2020: 

  • Astra Games 
  • Monmouthshire Building Society
  • NHS Shared Services Partnership
  • Principality Building Society 

Kate Edmunds, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership has been a mentor to Rhys Lane throughout his time on the scheme. For Kate, Network75 has many benefits for students including the opportunity to work on ‘real’ projects.  Likewise host companies benefit from having the opportunity to employ their Network75 students as tailor made employees once they complete the scheme. ‘The win-win for both parties is that Rhys has just commenced full-time employment within the division as a graduate Systems Analyst and Developer and  supports two new Network75 students as a mentor’.

The combination of 5 years of industry experience and part time study is one of the greatest benefits of the scheme. Four of the students graduated with a 1st Class honours degree; including Tomas Moore who was placed with Principality Building Society.  Tomas felt that the standard of his university work improved greatly over the 5 years as he was able to put the theory he had learnt into context within the workplace.  

Network75 students not only gain an honours degree, but also the experience required to progress in the industry and achieve their career goals. Jake Powell is now employed by his host company Principality Building Society as an Academy Developer. By pursuing the Network75 scheme Jake had exposure to many different areas of computing at his host company, undertaking rotations with different teams. The combination of learning computer programming at university and gaining relevant industry experience on placement enabled him to achieve his career goal of becoming a developer.   

Similarly, James Caine feels that choosing to undertake the Network75 scheme gave him the opportunity to gain the relevant work experience he needed.  James has recently started employment as a Senior Service Desk Analyst with his host company Monmouthshire Building Society. 

Computing is an increasingly popular area for the Network75 scheme. The computing cohort has grown from 6 students in 4 companies in 2015 to 20 students in 10 companies in 2019. We are excited at the prospect of continued growth in this industry and developing partnerships with new host companies. 

Network75 would like to congratulate the students for securing graduate level employment before the end of the scheme, the majority with their host companies. All 6 students have been rewarded for their hard work. We hope that you will be able to attend your graduation ceremony surrounded by friends and family soon and wish you all every success for the future!