Aisha Saeed

To be able to be a part of this project whilst still working towards obtaining an undergraduate degree has been awesome and would not be possible had I pursued a full-time degree.

Aisha Saeed is a Network75 student in her third year of study at University of South Wales (USW) studying BA (Hons) Business and Management. Alongside her degree, she attends placement at her host company Monmouthshire Building Society (MBS) as a Business Support Associate in their Operations, Change & Continuous Improvement department. Her role consists of leading, supporting and delivering change projects in her team to help improve the efficiency of the Society’s processes. 

Aisha has been a part of an exciting new project around implementing Robotics Process Automation (RPA) at the Society. RPA is a combination of software paired with artificial intelligence and machine learning to handle high-volume and repeatable tasks which previously required humans to complete. RPA technology comprises of digital robots that can mimic the way a human would use an application or software. For example, tasks could include calculations and maintenance of records and transactions. 

She is currently working towards becoming a qualified Robotics Process Automation developer and has passed her first assessment with one of the world’s leading RPA developers Blue Prism Cloud. Her role will expand to include building and delivering automation of existing processes for the Society.

Simon Tippett, Business Change Manager, has been extremely impressed with Aisha, saying, “I would like to thank both Network75 and especially Aisha, for the help they have given us during Aisha’s placement with us. Aisha brings many great skills to the team and her amazing attitude to work is a pleasure to see. Aisha is incredibly hard working, clever and has the perfect analytical mind for robotics and she has excelled at both the robotic exams and more importantly in building the robots that are now carrying out our business processes. Aisha has played a key role in training other members of the team and supporting the wider organisation. I often have to remind myself that Aisha is studying for a degree at the same time as working for the Monmouthshire Building Society as she has become such a key member of the team. I have been really impressed with the Network75 scheme and watching Aisha excel in everything she is doing.” 

Aisha added, “I am so grateful for the opportunity the Society has given me and am super excited to be working on a really cool project together with my team. I have also really enjoyed learning a new skill which is on trend with the current digital transformation landscape in the Financial Services Industry. 

Being a qualified RPA developer will enable me to help deliver on the Society’s goals in becoming a modern and flexible Mutual and improve the services offered to our members. My aim is to help alleviate the burden of manual, laborious administrative processes and empower colleagues to focus on value-adding projects. 

To be able to be a part of this project whilst still working towards obtaining an undergraduate degree has been awesome and would not be possible had I pursued a full-time degree.” 

Monmouthshire Building Society are a financial institution based in South Wales that provides customers with savings and mortgage products and have been a part of the Network75 scheme since 2012. To date they have supported three Network75 graduates including Emma Smart and James Caine and currently host 4 Network75 students. Louise Hawker, Manager of the Network75 scheme said the following;

"We have been working in partnership with Monmouthshire Building Society for many years. They have provided our students with excellent opportunities to learn on the job and watching the students relish these opportunities has been great. The project Aisha is working on is a perfect example of Network75 students and host companies working with the latest innovations and technologies in the industry, experience that could not be gained by a degree alone".