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  • When do applications close?  There is no definitive closing date but we like to receive applications by March, the sooner you complete your application the better as it can then be sent to more companies.

  • If I have applied for UCAS, can I also apply for Network75? Yes you can apply for both as they are separate processes. We encourage all candidates to keep their UCAS application running alongside Network75 for as long as possible.

  • Is there an age limit for Network75? There is no upper age limit for applications to Network75, applicants must be 18 on or before 31 August year of entry.

  • How many days do I work for the company? Students work for the company 3 days a week during term-time and full-time during the holidays. Students also get a holiday allowance and study leave for exam revision.

  • Are there student loans available to part time students? Network75 students do not receive full time student loans through student finance, however there is currently a part time learner’s grant available. Please refer to Student Finance Wales' Website for more information.

  • Is living accommodation available for Network75 students? University accommodation ‘Halls’ are not available for students studying on the Network75 scheme.

  • Can you enter Network75 at any level of your degree? We do accept applications from students who have already studied part of their degree full-time.
  • What degrees are available on the Network75 scheme? We offer a range of degrees on the scheme, please visit our Degree Courses page for more information. 

  • Are Network75 degrees accredited? Most degrees offered on the Network75 are accredited, please check individual degree course pages for more information. 

  • How many weeks is the student full time/ part time at the host company? During the 30 weeks of term time the students will be required to attend the host companies three days per week. During the 22 weeks outside of term time the student will be required to attend the company full time, 5 days a week.

  • What support will I receive from Network75? Network75 works closely with companies to develop individual training plans for students. We also conduct annual review meetings with companies and students.

  • Can an existing employee at our organisation join the scheme? It is possible for an existing emoloyee to join the scheme, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss further.

  • What companies do you deal with? We have a network of over 400 quality companies across South Wales. Opportunities are available in a wide variety of industries within companies of all sizes, from large multi nationals such as GE Aviation to small enterprises such as Penfro Consultancy. 

  • What Student Finance options are available for Network75 students?  Network75 students are not eligible for full time student loans. There is a Part-time Learners Grant available to students, this is means tested. Please refer to Student Finance Wales' Website for more information.

  • What support is available to students on the scheme? Students are fully supported throughout their 5-year degree. Pre company checks and an annual review meeting ensures that the student is receiving the relevant training and experience to succeed. We also have an open door policy at the office.

  • Are students guaranteed a job after 5 years? We currently have a 100% employability rate. Network75 students are highly employable upon graduation. 

Where can I find more information?

For more information contact the Network75 office on 01443 482 203 or email [email protected].