How to Apply

Applications for 2020 are open!

Due to Covid-19 applicant interviews usually held at the university will take place online via Microsoft Teams for the foreseeable future.

To apply for the scheme please download and complete the application form below:

Download: Network75 Application Form

Download: Guidance Notes

Download: BTEC/SCOTVEC Units Sheet

Please return applications in Microsoft Word Document (.doc) format via email to: network75@southwales.ac.uk

Network75 is outside of the UCAS application process; therefore it will not count as one of your 'choices'.

Your application is sent to host companies. Therefore, it is important to make a good impression to maximise your chance of being shortlisted for interview:

  • Word process your application.
  • Remember to check for spelling mistakes or typos.
  • Don't waffle. Keep your answers precise. Edit them for unnecessary words.
  • Please include a breakdown of all qualifications, including any pending results and predicted grades if known.
  • If you are studying a BTEC qualification please include the units you have studied/are currently studying along with the grades on a separate sheet and submit it with your application..
  • Include all employment and work experience - even if its unpaid or short in duration. Examples could include work experience undertaken during Year 10/11 or volunteering completed as part of the Welsh Baccalaureate.
  • Make sure your dates of employment, grades and contact details are all correct.

The Experience and Achievements section of your application is very important; this is your opportunity to sell yourself to potential host companies. Concentrate on achievements that are the most relevant to the degree area/career you are applying for. You should highlight your responsibilities, strengths, and skills. When writing this section, think about:

  • Why you want a career in your chosen industry?
  • Why you are suited to it?
  • What areas of the industry you are interested in?
  • Why you chose your A Level/BTEC subjects and what you enjoy about them?
  • Any relevant work experience you've gained, either through a part time job or volunteering opportunities such as the Welsh Baccalaureate. What did you do? What did you learn? What skills did you develop?
  • Any relevant projects you've been involved in or undertaken. Examples could include BTEC Projects, the Welsh Baccalaureate etc. What role did you play in the project? What were your responsibilities?
  • Extra curricular activities you are involved in
  • Why you want to join the Network75 scheme?

If you are currently studying at a school/college/university please provide at least 1 referees details who can provide your predicted grades. This person is usually Head of Sixth Form, a Personal Tutor, or the Head of Department/Course.

Please note: All applications must be word-processed. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.

Network75 will keep you updated on the progress of your application by email, so it is important you check your inbox on a regular basis. Below gives a brief outline of the application process as well as an approximate timeline of each stage:

  • Submit an Application - Once received, your application will be acknowledged by email and processed. This includes requesting references from two referees.
  • Invitation to Interview at USW - Successful applicants will be asked to attend the University for an interview. These usually take place from January to May. Applicants who are successful at the interview stage will be conditionally accepted onto the scheme. The conditional offer will usually include: a) Network75 being able to find the applicant a host company; b) the applicant meeting the entry requirements for their chosen course.
  • Invitation to Interview with Host Companies - Applicants who have received a conditional offer from Network75 will have their application forwarded to relevant companies for consideration. Companies will shortlist applicants they wish to interview with interviews usually taking place between May and September.
  • Confirmation of a Place - Those applicants who are successful at the host company interview stage will provisionally be offered a placement. Your placement will be confirmed as soon as Network75 receives confirmation that you have met the entry requirements for your chosen course. You will need to forward your results to us upon receiving them in August. Students usually start the scheme on, or around, 1st September.

Applicants who are unsuccessful in securing a placement at a host company have the option to study at USW full time on their chosen course (subject to entry requirements being met). They will then be able to be reconsidered for the scheme the following academic year. Applicants who choose this option will need to be self-funded for any years they undertake full time study, i.e. through tuition fee loans/grant etc.