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About the Scheme

Why Network75?

Network75 Graduates are an attractive prospect to employers as they possess the skills, experience and qualifications in demand by industry .  

Network75 is proud of our 100% employability statistic whereby all graduates since 2000 have been offered employment at graduate level or above. 

Students are given the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice alongside their degree, gaining practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

Students work in a local business 3 days per week and attend university to study 2 days per week.

Receive a minimum of £5,000 tax-free bursary which increases by £500 each academic year.

In conjunction with the University of South Wales, all students benefit from some of the very best degrees on offer, state of the art learning facilities, and excellent teaching.

All Network75 students have their tuition fees paid in full!

Students on the scheme can choose to graduate with no student debt.

There are over 400 quality companies that we have direct contact with to try and place our students.

A diverse range of company sizes and industries, giving every student the best possible opportunities to grow and develop.

Every company is assessed to ensure that they can provide the best quality placements to students to help both personal and business development.

At Network75 we work closely with host companies to set up individual training and development plans, tailored to the individual students' needs.

"Thanks to the Network75 scheme I have an honours degree, 5 years of work experience, no student debt, and was offered full time employment with my host company to continue my career"

Claudia Schiavo, BA (Hons) Marketing, Barratt Homes