Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many days do I work for the company?
Students work for the company 3 days a week during term-time and full-time during the holidays. Students also get a holiday allowance and time off for exam revision.

2.How do I apply for the scheme?
Visit our 'How to Apply’ page to download an application form. You will also find tips on how to complete it and a brief overview of the application process.

3. How will I know if my application has been accepted?
All applications are acknowledged by email, which will also inform you if your application will be taken forward to the next stage.

4. When do applications have to be completed by?
There is no definitive closing date but we like to receive applications by March, the sooner you complete your application the better as it can then be sent to more companies.

5. What are the entry requirements for Network75?
Typically we ask for at least 80 UCAS points, which is 3 Merits or above on National Diploma or the equivalent to more than 3 C grades at A Level. The entry requirements do vary and you can check each individual course in the university’s prospectus or on the University of South Wales website.

6. If I have applied for UCAS, can I also apply for Network75?
Yes you can apply for both as they are separate processes. We encourage all candidates to keep their UCAS application running alongside Network75.

7. Can you enter Network75 at any level of your degree?
We do accept applications from students who have already studied part of their degree full-time.

8. I already work in a company is it possible for me to join Network75 at my current company?
It may be possible for you to join Network75 with your existing company, you should speak to your company and provide them with the Network75 contact details, we would then be happy to discuss the company joining the Network75 scheme.

9. What is a bursary?
A bursary is a tax-free payment received as part of a training or development scheme. Network75 bursaries are paid on a monthly basis whilst the student is participating in the scheme.

10. Does the company pay for my course books?
This is left up to the student and company to agree, some companies will pay for course materials.

11. Are there student loans available to part time students?
Network75 students do not receive full time student loans through student finance, however there is currently a part time learner’s grant available.

12. What hours will I be expected to work?
The hours worked vary dependent on the company, but usually fall within the standard 40 hour week.

13. Is there an age limit for Network75?
There is no upper age limit for applications to Network75, and we look for students to apply before March of the year they wish to apply for Network75 scheme.

14. Where will I study?
Lectures and study will take place on the Pontypridd campus.

15. Is living accommodation available for students on Network75?
University accommodation ‘Halls’ are not available for students studying on the Network75 scheme.

16. Where can I find more information?
For more information contact the Network75 office on 01443 482 203 or email Louise Hawker. You can also visit Network75’s youtube channel for podcasts of current and past students and you can follow us on: