Information for Companies

Network75 is beneficial to companies as the scheme provides a cost-effective means of accessing graduate employees. Our research has shown that 70% of companies who have participated in work experience believed that Network75 undergraduates provide knowledge, expertise and qualities that non-graduate employees could not. These include: methodical thinking, management skills, ability to learn new skills more quickly, enthusiasm, transferable skills, general knowledge and technical/IT abilities.

The Network75 scheme helps to maximise growth in the area by facilitating exchanges of information and innovative knowledge between industry and HE. The project also contributes to the development of the region’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) workforce through education and training of its potential and current employees.

Five reasons why companies choose Network75:

  • High quality, motivated people
  • Network75 will provide companies with high quality, highly motivated students.
  • Recruitment and administration
  • Network75 has an effective and established recruitment process, all applications are carefully filtered.
  • Use of University facilities
  • Companies will have the ability to build strong links with the University of South Wales.
  • Support from the University
  • The Network75 team works closely with companies to continually develop their Network75 student whilst ensuring that companies are up-to-date with academic progress.
  • Long-term resource planning
  • Network75 has a 100% employability record with graduates and their host companies

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Network75 is available to any company regardless of size, whether a sole trader or large multi-national company, the only condition is that companies are able to provide a professional training and development program, providing relevant experiences to trainees. Companies can also recommend existing employees to participate in the scheme, with companies choosing whether the employee remains employed on the scheme or transfers to our bursary scheme.

Debbie Precious, Development & Training Manager at Morgan Sindall states.. "The Network 75 programme addresses the engineering and technology skills shortage that currently exists within the local area. In our experience, the combined work and study route helps to create industry ready graduates who grow professionally within our company over a period of five years. Full time undergraduates don't always have the opportunity to develop practical work experience skills alongside their technical studies, this initiative assists in addressing this whilst being cost effective for the business. Our involvement with the scheme has been invaluable in providing a straightforward, cost effective means of accessing high quality graduate employees".

If you wish to increase innovation and expertise within your company, find out more about the graduate skills available, and how these can benefit your company, please feel to contact us for comprehensive support and guidance.