Christy Ring

Why did you choose Network75 over full time study or finding employment after college/sixth form?

I chose Network75 over full time study/employment because it offers the best of both worlds. Not only am I studying for a degree without a penny coming from my pocket, I am also working in the civil engineering industry, gaining experience relevant to my course and getting paid at the same time. It really is a no brainer! I am about to graduate, I have 5 years’ work experience and a degree without any debt.

What does your role at HLN Group involve?

My role at HLN involves using AutoCAD to draw up structural plans and detail structural elements. I also get involved with the design of structural members for residential properties such as foundations, steel beams, columns etc. The wonderful thing about my role here is that I don’t do the same thing every day, my day is varied. I am constantly learning new skills which will benefit my continued development as a Civil/Structural engineer.

Does your work placement help with understanding the theory you learn at university?

Yes without a doubt, I already had some experience or knowledge of most modules I studied in university prior to taking them due to the various tasks I am given in work. This gave me a head start and helped massively throughout my time at university.

What advantages do you think you have over students who have studied full time without taking a work placement?

More knowledge of the industry my degree relates too. The knowledge I learned in my time with my host company gives me a head start over other students. Also I have gained 5 years’ experience in industry which gives me an advantage over someone who applies for the same job without any experience.

We would like to congratulate Christy for all his hard work over the past 5 years resulting in his recent graduation, we wish you the best of luck in your future career.